Supply of high-grade grinding material

Bonded Abrasives basically consist of three components: the abrasive grain, the bond holding the grain in place and the pores. Our grinding products are manufactured in a wide range of different specifications and dimensions in order to meet the requirements of different applications. We produce grinding wheels, up to maximum diameter of 1,350 mm (53 inch), suitable for every kind of grinding machine. Our high-tech products can be used for precision operations, rough grinding, toolroom grinding, form and profile grinding, finishing etc. We supply plain, recessed and shaped grinding wheels. High-tech bond systems are available for precision grinding providing excellent profile and form holding and high stock removal. Diamond and CBN grinding wheels in vitrified bonds are an important part of our product range.

Product Range

  • cylindrical grinding wheels
  • centerless grinding wheels
  • control wheels
  • internal grinding wheels
  • surface and profile
    grinding wheels
  • toolroom grinding wheels
  • grinding segments
  • gear grinding wheels
  • lapping grinding wheels 
  • hot pressed snagging wheels
  • diamond and CBN grinding wheels
  • cut-off wheels and depressed centre discs
  • stationary cut-off and slitting wheels
  • snagging wheels
  • foundry wheels
  • mounted points and wheels
  • abrasive files
  • sharpening stones and
    rubbing bricks 
  • scythe stones