Marketing and supplying high-grade second-hand plant and equipment

Export license:

  • analysis of obligation for export permission according to foreign trade standards
  • definition and fixing of code number according to foreign trade standards
  • request for export permission to German Authority for export controls, BaFa

Preparation of dismantling:

  • analysis of possible fields of application for non EU employees
  • issue of official invitation letter
  • preparation of lists of employees with complete relevant personal data
  • application for resident and working permission with the relevant public authorities in Germany
  • application form for official so called “start of dismantling” according to German standards of work safety authority


  • preparation of overall time schedule for dismantling with control of milestones and key points
  • tracking and balancing of dismantling and shipment schedule in accordance with the involved parties
  • preparation and coordination of payment schedule with progress of dismantling and shipment schedule
  • assignment of site management, equipped with companies car, mobile phone and PC-equipment
  • assistance of site management with planning and engineering resources on demand
  • supervision of the limits of scope and supply and services based on the valid contracts
  • preparation of the so called “safety plan” according to German standards of work safety authority
  • supervision of the scope of supply and services of sub suppliers in compliance with official site instructions of site owner
  • holding of meetings on site incl. meeting reports
  • preparation of cyclical status reports

Work safety:

  • checking of detailed time schedules in regard to all related issues of work safety regulations
  • preparation of safety and working instructions
  • checking of and, where necessary, training for work safety systems of sub suppliers