Everyone who wants to be successfull in business, must be able to rely on efficien partners. From their establishment in 1964 the KHW group set itself to the target, in this sense to be a good advisory partner for the industry. By the aspect of an outstanding and nevertheless familiar with the tasks of the customer, KHW can properly advise and judge technically. With the experience by projects in many countries and with an authority, which use also large concerns for their advantage, the KHW group supports to solve various tasks. Engineer services, marketing and acquisition for industrial systems within the steel production and steel deformation, as well as high-quality machines, among other things for the surface processing, are special fields of the KHR group. For solutions of abrasiv problems we use products of The Carbo Group GmbH. Additionally the KHW group offers the marketing of High Tech Second hand systems, which are sold into other countries – outside of the market of the delivering enterprise – and rebuilt there. Especially in this business valuable contacts and trusting customer relationships are indispensable requirements for successful trading. Experiences of many years and know-how acquired with international projects guarantee security and satisfaction for our customers. The satisfaction of the customer is highest objective and base of the partnership for common success. The KHW group can look back on successful and continuous customer relationships. Through multiple contacts, home and abroad, by own studies and consistent analysis of the market data, KHW, who also has the ability wo work as advisor in the background, is much sought-after. As service enterprise in the area of the consultation the KHW group has to orient itself at the special request of the market and its customers. KHW maintains numerous contacts to science and research and advises also with the financing of innovative projects. We operate result- and success-oriented at highest possible quality and for the satisfaction of our customers.
Good contacts to a few decision makers are not enought. Today, marketing managers must be specialists whose knowledge is thoroughly convincing.